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Demystifying Cybersecurity: Goodbye Passwords, Hello Passkeys?
Blog | Endpoint Protection · 10. July 2023
Passwords have been used for decades to protect all types of information, but there are many challenges associated with them. Password fatigue, the feeling from employees of being frustrated by the numerous passwords one needs to remember for different accounts, poses a challenge for enterprises as it can lead to users resorting to weak or reused passwords, compromising security, and increasing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. Securely managing many user passwords...

23. July 2020
Security is a delicate combination of both technologies and processes, ultimately relying on the end-user to act in accordance with the defined standards and practices. Authenticating your users is the first step. In the past, this was relatively easy to manage as users would connect to the company network and resources mostly using the same computer (and occasionally maybe a laptop from an external location).

14. July 2020
Learn about simple solutions to protect your data and minimize frustration and confusion for end-users. With the exponential growth of mobile device usage in the workplace, security has become one of the primary concerns for companies that need to find a good balance between flexibility and protection, to ensure a good end-user adoption of mobile technologies at work while keeping their infrastructure safe from potential risks at the same time. Every system, no matter how strong, has a weak...