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06. May 2021
Mobile Threat Defense
It's World Password Day today, an annual celebration of the longest-lived cybersecurity control in computing history. Since the dawn of bits and bytes, passwords have been the pivotal first line of defense for the security of systems and networks.
22. March 2021
How to mitigate insider risk while allowing 3rd party employees into Teams enviroment
Following case study reflects how SphereShield for Microsoft Teams helps a leading Australian company with over 7,000 employees mitigate insider threats while allowing their workers into their Teams enviroment.
23. February 2021
Webinar Invitation: BYOD im Homeoffice
Mitarbeiter müssen sicher von zu Hause arbeiten können – auch auf privaten Smartphones und Tablets. Ohne passende Lösung, Regelungen und Infrastruktur, z.B. ohne VPN, drohen Ihnen Risiken für die IT-Sicherheit und DSGVO-Strafzahlungen.
27. January 2021
GDPR - Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz
Microsoft Teams is prone to the same phishing hazards, impersonation scams and privacy violations as email is, yet many users naïvely treat this and other workplace communications platforms with inherent trust. As a result, they often share sensitive information too freely or click links and open attachments that in an email they might ignore, warns a new report.