ISEC7 Receives BlackBerry’s 2019 EMEA New Business Award

The enterprise mobility expert and service provider was honored as one of BlackBerry’s highest achievers in global partnership


Hamburg, October 2, 2019 – ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) is consistently recognized as a trailblazer in the enterprise mobility space and a valuable contributor to  the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, and is awarded 2019 EMEA New

Business Award during the BlackBerry World Tour 2019 event. Ceremonies took place on London. ISEC7 was also recognized for previous awards in recent years, including:

  • 2019 TOP Partner DACH Award
  • 2018 TOP ISV Innovation Award
  • 2018 TOP EMEA Channel Specialist Award
  • 2018 TOP Developer Responsiveness Award
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ISEC7 Group Global Service Provider for Enterprise Mobility Joins BlackBerry World Tour in Eight Cities Worldwide

The leader in mobile endpoint management, security and process optimization shares first look at integrated workspace management and crisis communications offerings


Hamburg, September 25, 2019 – ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) continues to be a driving force in the enterprise mobility sector as top executives join ecosystem partners in London, The Hague, Ottawa, New York City, Toronto, Frankfurt, Singapore and Sydney in the coming months. 


“Our customers face challenges every day in a global mobile community. Sure, there many are solutions out there to consider. What clients need is a managed mobility service provider who focuses on business process mobilization, security and risk management within the enterprise mobility space as a practice,” says Marco Gocht, ISEC7 CEO. “If you want clarity for the right solution, we will navigate for you.”

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ISEC7 Teams with Ecosystem to Extend a Vendor-Agnostic Approach for Mobile Security and Compliance Supporting PMOs

The enterprise mobility leader teams with Check Point Software Technologies Threat Detection and CMDSP for mobile security and administration offering discounted training for Project Management Institute (PMI) Washington DC Chapter


ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) continues global mission to provide mobile IT-specific solutions to benefit PMO organizations for business process mobilization, mobile operational productivity and mobile security.  For PMOs and mobile managers facing the increasing risks associated with mobile device hacking vulnerabilities, ISEC7 integrates with Check Point and other solution providers to extend threat detection.

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ISEC7 EMM Suite Receives Security Approval from the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

The enterprise mobility leader delivers upon DISA STIG compliance requirements for device monitoring and management for use at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)


 Baltimore, MD, September 17, 2019 – ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) restates its commitment to help clients reduce risk and optimize the benefits associated with the mobile environment. Their multi-UEM solution, ISEC7 EMM Suite, pinpoints risks and compliance issues across the entire mobile infrastructure.  DISA confirmed that the solution meets the rigorous cybersecurity standards under the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).  With this nod of confidence from DISA, clients are assured that ISEC7’s mobility solutions adhere to the latest security standards and certifications in the industry.


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Mobility Training Requirements for Mobile Enterprise Optimization

A mobile device management strategy must be a priority for whoever owns enterprise operations. The global workforce

conducts business everywhere, and sensitive information follows them via their mobile devices. Unfortunately, mobile endpoints are the weakest link for securing data as the workforce continuously connects into organizational systems and communications tools from anywhere. So, you must provide a secured

framework to manage and monitor mobile endpoints. Every IT department knows that is a requirement in order to keep up with evolving workforce demands. Often, there is a lack of C-Suite awareness and support to do what it takes.

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Addressing State and Local Government Hacker Frustration with a Suggested Approach for Modernization

You hear it in the news. Your colleagues chat about it on the

elevator. It sounds problematic. It is.  Baltimore’s budget office estimates a ransomware attack on city computers will cost at least $18.2 million (Baltimore Sun). There have been 22 known

public sector attacks so far in 2019 (CNN).


Hackers are working every minute to break into systems, take valuable and personal information, and sell it on the dark web or hold data for ransom. Maybe you haven’t personally experienced the violation or your finances or your company hasn’t been pegged with a breach. But the truth is, you just might not know it yet. I don’t know about you, but I find stats, like the ones published by Cisco and Cybersecurity Ventures, unsettling. Their report includes the following:

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Seven Actions To Take Immediately to Help Protect You Mobile Endpoints

Do you believe your Antivirus software is enough to protect your data? Some people still do. Think again. Every 39 seconds, a cyber attack occurs resulting in $3.86 million in average total costs to each organization (Varonis).  Keep in mind, many hacks are never detected.   


If the risks and costs of data compromise have not jolted you to take action, maybe AdvIntel discoveries about a Russian hacking collective (Fxmsp) breaching three major anti-virus companies will. Fxmsp has a known reputation for infiltrating well-protected networks. Their targets typically include highly-sensitive corporate and government information. They hack, obtain data and source code, and sell it on the dark web.

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