How ISEC7 Addresses Government Endpoint Protection Needs

How ISEC7 Addresses Government Endpoint Protection Needs
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Whether your organization's digital workplace and/or mobile enterprise supports federal field operators in high-risk locations, tactical warfighters, CSfC deployments or internal data administration, ISEC7 can support your unique requirements within a government setting.


Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

As executive orders push the government towards a Zero Trust architecture strategy, ISEC7 can help government agencies deploy a Zero Trust security strategy, incorporate Zero Trust elements into their network, and adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA) to meet the new standards and reach their optimal cybersecurity goals.


Chances are you already have some level of Zero Trust concepts deployed in your ecosystem. It could be in your UEM solution, your VPN, or your MTD solution. ISEC7 previously published a Zero Trust deployment guide for devices on our blog, and if there is a desire to incorporate additional Zero Trust elements in your network, we encourage you to reach out to the team at ISEC7 for a mobile cybersecurity health check. The experts at ISEC7 understand the importance of Zero Trust architecture and constantly verifying that every user, device, or app connecting to a resource is authenticated, legitimate, and free of any suspicion, and we are more than pleased to assist you in any step along your way!


Ease Endpoint Administration Overhead

ISEC7 SPHERE is a technology agnostic Digital Workplace & Mobile Service Management and Monitoring solution to cover all aspects of daily operations within your mobile infrastructure and quickly identify and resolve issues — from one web-based, central console. With only one system to manage, issues are identified and resolved faster, requiring less IT staff with significant impact on the operational cost. With centralized real-time control, ISEC7 SPHERE streamlines the administration of even the most complex infrastructure, regardless of the diversity of UEM systems, servers, networks, and applications. End-to-end visibility provides better user experience and fewer help desk calls. Additionally, via the solution dashboard and dynamic infrastructure network view, IT administrators and help desk staff get real-time updates about the mobile infrastructure.


Information System Continuous Monitoring

With support for over 200,000 endpoints, ISEC7 SPHERE retrieves data from all the company’s systems and presents them on one dashboard. The system can monitor over 1,000 parameters and flags potential issues such as policy changes or traffic anomalies indicating potential compromise. Correlate raw data received to gain insights into network behavior that deviates from established baselines. Build easy to read continuous monitoring dashboards for presentation and reporting with the ability to deep dive into data. Customizable proactive alerts are sent to assigned IT staff who can investigate. Easily forward and categorize logs for storage. 


Regulatory Compliance

ISEC7 Sphere’s endpoint tamper detection and UEM compliance monitoring enables regulated industries and governments to efficiently monitor compliance against regulations to mitigate security risks and avoid expensive fines. ISEC7 SPHERE is an ideal tool to address the various cybersecurity requirements for government organizations. For example, ISEC7 SPHERE is configured out of the box to pull and retain UEM and MTD logs and automatically sort them by type, per Memorandum M-21-31. This not only saves agencies time from pulling the logs manually, but also saves money on data processed in a tool like Splunk. 


Memorandum M-22-09, issued in January 2022, addresses moving the U.S. government toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity principles and sets forth a federal zero trust architecture strategy. This requires agencies to meet specific cybersecurity standards and objectives by the end of the fiscal year 2024 to reinforce the government’s defenses against increasingly sophisticated and persistent threat campaigns, and ISEC7 can help government agencies comply with this memorandum. 


Enforce Data Classification – On Any Endpoint

ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate (MED) is a secure mobile email client allowing classification, encryption and signing enforcement. MED also allows for mailbox delegation capabilities and public folder integration. ISEC7 MED operates with modern and certificate-based authentication (CBA) and allows users to securely send, receive, and enforce encrypted and signed emails (S/MIME). As the top priorities of ISEC7 MED are security, classification, and authentication, it is an ideal tool for managing classified or sensitive information, group or organizational mailboxes, and supporting executive leadership and their staff.


Soon ISEC7 will launch our latest advancement in government services, ISEC7 Classify, an essential tool for any organization with data protection requirements. ISEC7 Classify provides a user-friendly experience to ensure that all Emails, Calendar entries, and Office documents are properly marked and compliant with laws and regulations. The solution can be configured easily for different national laws and regulations, and once the information is correctly marked, ISEC7 Classify will verify that proper permissions are granted for the sender and recipients before sending or storing. Users are presented with a seamless experience on every type of device and clients they choose to use. ISEC7 Classify is an Azure Platform-as-a-Service (APaaS), requiring minimal additional infrastructure to run and decreasing the total cost of ownership for engineering cyber operations.


ISEC7’s long-standing relationships with government agencies prove our track record and trust factor. Counties, school systems and related state organizations depend on our proven expertise for secure protocols, management, and the ability to ensure communications during a crisis. For state and local environments, digital workplace strategies may be in their early stages; we assist with needs assessment, vendor selection, mobile strategy and ongoing support. 


On May 2 – 4, the ISEC7 team will be at TechNet Cyber 2023, hosted by AFCEA, at the Baltimore Convention Center, Booth #2753. TechNet Cyber focuses on meeting global security challenges and successfully operating in a digital environment.


Next on May 16th, ISEC7 will be attending the Commercial Solutions for Classified conference at the Westin Arlington Gateway hotel. The CSfC conference is intended for any who plan to develop, assess, specify, implement, or support commercial solutions in support of national security objectives.


Please come see us at either of these events to learn more about how ISEC7 can protect and bolster your security posture, all while providing a seamless user experience, saving time, and reducing the total cost of ownership.



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