Protection from Jennlog Loader

Jennlog Malicious Loader
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A malicious loader named Jennlog has recently been used by an Iranian threat actor called Agrius in a ransomware attack against a university in Israel.

The malware was written in .NET assembly language, and designed to target Windows® machines.



The loader hides its payload as a resource that initially appears to be a log file.


Instead, the resource contains  both the malicious payload (in this case, Orcus RAT) and the malware’s execution configuration. As an anti-analysis method, this loader checks for the presence of virtual machines (VMs) and sandboxes before unpacking its malicious payload, as this might indicate that it is being run on a researcher’s machine.


Jennlog loader: Operating System

Jennlog loader: Operating System

Risk & Impact

 Jennlog Loader: Risk & Impact


To see how BlackBerry prevents Jennlog attacks from occurring, check out the following video:



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