How to Control External Meeting Communications

How to Control External Meeting Communications in MS Teams
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Blocking sensitive company information from being released, and complying with requirements in business policies - while internal users attend a meeting held externally with persons from outside - their organization are two difficulties that organizations are currently experiencing.

How can you gain control over external meetings?

Using the SphereShield Ethical Wall, companies can block people with access to high-risk information files from sharing any of these files through MS Teams Channels/Chat or the file tab of a channel. 


File sharing can be restricted to external users or both external and internal users who are not connected to a specific department.


Other Ethical Wall policies include: 

  1. Allowing audio and video but at the same time blocking chat, file sharing and screen sharing.
  2. Allowing only specific users/groups to communicate externally.

As seen in the demo video, Bob (internal user) and Reuvain (external user) are in a meeting,


However, when Bob tries to send a chat message to Reuvain, a pop-up notification appears at the bottom corner of the screen stating that the communication was blocked due to company policy. The user will get this message every time they violate one of the Ethical Wall policy rules. Going back to the portal, in the activity auditing section the admin will be able to see all the blocked activities, why they were blocked and the users involved in the process.


While in a business meeting with external users, companies want to be in control of every message sent and all communication attempts in order to prevent important information from being leaked. Here comes the role of SphereShield’s Ethical Wall in blocking any messaging and file sharing activities based on the policies set by the company.


To learn more about how SphereShield can assist you with security, compliance, and governance on your Unified Communications platform, contact us now (MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, Slack & Skype for Business).



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