Real Time Audio DLP for Microsoft Teams

AGAT Real Time Audio DLP for Microsoft Teams
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Let's take a look at AGAT's reg-tech product today: Real-Time Audio DLP for Microsoft Teams.

Many users are already used to dealing with DLP (Data Leak Prevention) policies when using UC (unified communications) software such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Slack, etc.

But these usually inspect near-real time files and text messages. Advanced DLP engines are able to inspect communication audio transcripts, but this is usually done long time after meeting has ended.


What is Real-Time Audio DLP for Microsoft Teams?

Real-time Audio DLP for Microsoft teams uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) voice-recognition technology combined with the latest to be able to generate real-time transcript of a conversation. Theses capabilities allow SphereShield to identify sensitive keywords that will trigger DLP classic notification and auditing.

However, the key important differentiator is the ability to display IM messages during the meeting in real-time to the speaker with corrective action to allow the user to avoid further risk and minimize data breach before further happening SphereShield also offers Meeting recording management including eDiscovery, transcript. DLP, Ethical wall. 

The recording management will perform deep analysis of recording using NLP (Natural Language Processing) including keywords, topics and even user identification detection/ Recording management is available for Microsoft Teams and soon will be available for Webex and Slack.



Have a look at this short demo of how powerful the software is:


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