Solution Highlight: ISEC7 Sphere v20.1.0


What is ISEC7 Sphere?


ISEC7 Sphere is a holistic Digital Workplace & Mobile Service Management and Monitoring solution to cover all aspects of daily operations within your mobile infrastructure.


  • Centralized control provides large time-savings & reduction in operational costs
  • Proactive alerting on oint-of-failures prevents potential outages & increases productivity
  • Identification of point-of-failures in outage alerts reduces troubleshooting time and the overall cost of downtime
  • Reduction in overall downtime
  • End-to-end visibility results in a better user experience & fewer helpdesk calls
  • Mitigates security risks & monitors compliance to avoid expensive fines
  • Detects weak network connections to plan future investments

New features in 20.1.0

ISEC7 Sphere solution is constantly evolving around the needs of our customers. We are proud to announce amazing new features in the next major release targeted for mid-November 2020:

  • “BlackBerry AtHoc ISV Award 2020” winning Smart Button integration
    • Trigger BlackBerry AtHoc alerts with a simple click of a button
    • Integration of The Thing Networks (TTN) allows the connection of an almost limitless amount of LoRaWAN buttons
    • Using LoRaWAN in combination with ISEC7 Sphere offers high available alerting technology with low power consumption and non-invasive installation of buttons in your office environment
  • Endpoint life cycle monitoring
    • Automatic history for various events of all endpoints
      • Associations to EMM systems and end users.
      • Compliance violations
      • Manual entries
  • New authentication methods
    • Microsoft Azure AD for Microsoft 365 customers, easier and seamless authentication
    • Common Access Card (CAC) using certificate-based authentication for high security requirements (e.g. in regulated environments)
    • Increased security with 2FA authentication
      • Use complementary One-Time Password (OTP) as a second authentication factor to strengthen authentication security
  • New UEM migration targets
    • MobileIron
    • Microsoft Intune
  • New notification targets
    • BlackBerry AtHoc
    • Microsoft Teams
  • Management improvements
    • Extended VIP monitoring with configurable thresholds for device and user monitoring
    • Permission configuration has been optimized and changed to a person-based configuration

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(C) Rémi Frédéric Keusseyan, Global Head of Training, ISEC7 Group