The Everywhere Enterprise


In March 2020, over a third of the world’s population was put into lockdown as the COVID-19 crisis took hold. As a direct consequence of this, the pandemic accelerated an already growing shift towards remote work. Workforces around the world were told they could no longer return to the office and businesses were forced to quickly enable their employees to work remotely. In an instant, the traditional office environment transformed to an ‘Everywhere Enterprise,’ in which work takes place everywhere and data resides everywhere.


MobileIron wanted to understand the different requirements that each employee has in order to work productively within the Everywhere Enterprise, so the company polled 1,200 workers across the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand in an attempt to find out.

Download the study to learn more about the four distinct employee personas that have emerged in the Everywhere Enterprise as a result of lockdown, and how mobile devices play a more critical role than ever before in ensuring productivity.

Who is the everywhere enterprise?
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