Android 11: Striking the right balance between privacy and asset management


Organizations have always walked a tightrope when it comes to striking the perfect balance between securing company-owned assets and end-user privacy. What if there was an ideal balancing pole that allowed them to ensure data security without compromising privacy? With the release of Android 11, Google delivers this perfect balance.



Introducing the Work profile on company-owned devices

Introducing the work profile on company-owned devices

The Work profile on company-owned devices allows IT teams to extend the same privacy protections that have been available on personally-owned devices to their corporate assets. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what IT organizations can and can’t do.

IT can:

  • Perform device management actions like setting password complexity, wiping a lost/stolen device, controlling system updates, blocking data sharing across profiles, and blocking capabilities like external storage, camera, and screen capture.
  • Restrict network and communication access like mobile roaming, SMS usage, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

IT can’t:

  • Perform device management actions like resetting device passwords and preventing factory reset.
  • Perform app management activities like installing and viewing a list of apps on the personal side.
  • Restrict the use of personal VPN usage, global proxy to intercept personal usage.

Upgrade your privacy

MobileIron has always been at the forefront of delivering capabilities that make an impact on IT organizations across the globe. We were among the first to deliver support for managed devices with a Work profile (COPE) and integrate with Zebra’s Lifeguard for Android service, which delivers critical firmware over the air (FOTA) updates. With our latest release of server and client software, we are delivering the below capabilities:

  • Android devices 8-10 that have currently been provisioned as a managed device with a Work profile (COPE) on MobileIron Core and Cloud will automatically migrate to a Work profile on a company-owned device as they upgrade to Android 11.
  • New registrations of company assets on Android 11 that require extended privacy protection will be provisioned as a Work profile on a company-owned device
  • Ability to freeze system updates for up to 90 days and allow administrators to better plan and orchestrate a phased rollout of Android 11.

Looking ahead

We believe that with the introduction of the Work profile on company-owned devices, Android has set a new level of standard in privacy. We look forward to working with our customers to unlock new use cases for their employees and additional enhancements to the Work profile on company-owned devices.



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