Improve Employee Experience with VMware Workspace ONE Assist

Whether your business is comprised of essential frontline workers, a remote workforce, or a mix of both, the recent health emergency has amplified our reliance on technology. And this remote-first technology is the reason why organizations that have scaled to meet changing market demands and evolved from office-centric to remote-first cultures have been able to maintain business continuity.


In addition to a digital workspace platform that enables essential and remote work, organizations must ensure they’re providing a great employee experience (EX), which is at the heart of business success.


EX is a combination of culture, physical space, and technology, with technology heavily influencing both culture and physical space. According to research conducted by Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, more than 30 percent of an employee’s experience stems from how a company uses technology. So, it should come as no surprise that organizations who equip their employees with the right digital tools and technologies are nearly three times as likely to be rated leaders in digital transformation.


However, it’s not just a winning combination of technology that boosts employee engagement, productivity, enthusiasm, and loyalty. At the end of the day, the technology has to work. (And I’m sure everyone reading this can attest), technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower you one minute can be a roadblock the next.


In addition, among the biggest work-from-home unknowns is the level of support employees will need across their apps and devices. That’s why VMware is committed to offering remote support solutions that digitally transform EX by keeping employees productive and engaged, wherever they are and across all devices.



Happy and engaged employees are critical to business success—and nothing puts more of a damper on morale than tech problems—which can cost a company millions of dollars a year in support and lost productivity.


VMware Workspace ONE Assist is a remote employee support solution that enables organizations to quickly assist employees with device tasks or troubleshoot and fix device issues in real-time. With Workspace ONE Assist, employee support reps can easily launch remote support sessions and view or control employee devices, directly from the Workspace ONE console. Unlike self-service resources (like AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants) or live agents without remote view or control capabilities, Workspace ONE Assist empowers employee help desks and support reps to quickly and accurately fix any device or app issue, ensuring a positive EX.



Digitally Transform Employee Experience, Increase Help Desk Efficiency and Reduce Support Costs with Workspace ONE Assist

• Remotely connect to any enrolled device in seconds, directly from the Workspace ONE console


• View or control devices in real-time to decrease downtime and quickly troubleshoot and fix device, network, or app issues with file and task management tools


• Leverage Screen Draw feature to highlight items on screen for training videos or to guide employees through various tasks


• View and export detailed device information


• Notify employees when their personally- or corporate-owned device screen is visible and enable them to pause or end a remote session for enhanced privacy.


• Securely access and service unattended corporate-owned rugged or mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices between shifts or overnight


• Easily record remote sessions for training and escalation purposes