ISEC7 Group at BlackBerry Security Summit

At this year’s Black Berry Security Summit in London (September 11 to 12) and New York (October 3 to 4), the enterprise mobility expert ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) informs about current security challenges and requirements when mobilizing business processes.

The BlackBerry Security Summit is the premier industry event for today’s enterprise leaders to gain profound insights into security of mobile infrastructures.

ISEC7 presents BlackBerry’s current portfolio: BlackBerry UEM for managing smartphones, tablets and Windows 10 computers as well as BlackBerry Dynamics for the secure integration of messaging, collaboration and applications into companies’ networks. ISEC7 is certified for the integration of secure document management based on BlackBerry Workspaces and holds a specialization for the crisis communications solution, AtHoc.

Marco Gocht, CEO ISEC7, explains, “ISEC7’s long-standing relationships with BlackBerry is not only valuable to us, but to our customers. We continuously work with the mobile enterprise ecosystem to develop solutions together in effort to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

In addition, ISEC7 will share valuable insights during two panels at the summit in London. CEO Marco Gocht will be part of the session “Building Your Own Services” on September 11 and Guido Wilken, CDO (Software) ISEC7 Group, at “Unlocking the Value of the BlackBerry Platform: Examples of Partner/Customer Use Cases, Applications and Solutions” on September 12.