ISEC7 join forces with CMDSP to globalize the Mobile IT Pro's credential

We at ISEC7 believe in a EMM vendor agnostic credential for Mobile IT Professionals and support the CDMSP community with a significant funding to increase the reach and globalize the operations of the organization.


The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) moves further into international markets. With more and more employees use mobile devices at their workplace, corporate IT departments recognise the need for professional “Mobile IT Administrators”. CMDSP, offered by the Mobile Resource Group, LLC, has been training IT professionals since 2011 – with a focus on East Asia and the US. As of now, the company expands its offerings to Europe with Approved Training Centers (ATC) in Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and Spain.


Additionally, a new CMDSP Online University is planned. Together with their partners, CMDSP works to train and certify IT Professionals that are tasked with managing the mobile device usage of an enterprise; instilling a strong understanding of the vulnerabilities and security risks of mobile devices.

“We see a huge potential in the European market – this is why we expand. We already work together with very strong partners and our network is growing every day. In addition to our ATCs, we want to offer richer and more interactive online content, thus increasing the user experience by opening the CMDSP Online University”, says Christian Oyson, Credentialing Manager of CMDSP. “By becoming a CMDSP ATC, organisations gain a foothold in one of the fastest growing technology markets for enterprises. The European market, with its General Data Protection Regulation, has a tremendous demand for certified IT Professionals who manage the secure usage of mobile devices.”


CMDSP was created to educate, promote, and certify Mobile IT Professionals tasked with creating, maintaining, or implementing an enterprise mobility system. At the end of the course, IT Professionals will better understand the challenges, solutions, and tools inherent in overseeing the use of mobile devices within their enterprise. The New CMDSP Online University is funded by a number of private entities – lead by the enterprise mobility expert ISEC7 Group. Its purpose is to improve the candidate’s user experience and provide them with a seamless access to richer and more interactive content. CMDSP works together with more than seven ATCs and has credentialed more than hundred CMDSPs around the world.

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