BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and UEM Client Updates are available

The new BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and UEM clients are now available for Android and iOS and offer new features.


Application New Features
BlackBerry Work
  • Personal Distribution Lists: View Personal Distribution Lists under personal contacts in BlackBerry Work
  • Share contact cards: Import and Export Contact Cards
  • Create/join Skype for Business meetings: Create Skype for Business meetings and link it in creating a new meeting or join meetings via BlackBerry Work
BlackBerry Access
  • Add web links to the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher: BlackBerry UEM administrators can add custom web links to the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
  • Rearrange icons in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher: Users can now reorder icons in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher by holding the icons and moving them to a different position
BlackBerry Access/Work (macOS/Windows 10)
  • S/MIME write capability: Users can now read and write S/MIME encrypted and signed email messages in BlackBerry Work.
  • Users can edit recurring calendar events
BlackBerry Connect



  • Group chat: Users can create group discussions and invite members
  • Discussion notifications: Users receive notifications when they are invited to closed and secret group discussions
BlackBerry Notes/Tasks
  • Folder sync: Notes and Tasks now have Support for folder syncing
BlackBerry UEM Client
  • QR code activation: Users can now scan an activation QR code to activate devices
  • BlackBerry 2FA swipe-access from UEM Client: Users can now swipe left or right on the BlackBerry UEM Client home screen to access BlackBerry 2FA features that are assigned to them