ISEC7 Group is CMDSP Training Center

As of today, the enterprise mobility expert ISEC7 Group (ISEC7), is an Approved Training Center (ATC) for the Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) by The Mobile Resource Group, LLC.


Together with their partners, CMDSP works to train and certify IT professionals that are tasked with managing the mobile device usage of an enterprise; instilling a strong understanding of the vulnerabilities and security risks of mobile devices. At the end of the course, participants obtain a mobile security certification: the CMDSP credential. By becoming an ATC, ISEC7 actively supports CMDSP in the European market.


Marco Gocht, CEO of ISEC7 Group AG, says: „We are happy to be part of CMDSP. With the increased use of mobile communications in companies, we need to take a new look at the security aspect of company data. CMDSP was created to educate, promote, and certify Mobile IT professionals that are responsible for creating, maintaining or implementing enterprise mobility systems.”

CMDSP’s parent company, Mobile Resource Group, LLC, partners with selected quality organisations to offer the course. Since ISEC7 has been supporting companies with special security requirements in the area of enterprise mobility for many years, CMDSP is the perfect partner for training credentialed IT professionals. As an ATC, ISEC7 will share its insights and knowledge with the attendees. At the end of the course, the IT professional will possess a better understanding of the challenges, solutions, and tools inherent in overseeing the use of mobile devices within their enterprise.