BES12.5 - Schedule your update now

BES12 version 12.5, the latest version of our multi-OS enterprise mobility management EMM solution, is now available, and there are a lot of great reasons you should consider updating. The advances BlackBerry made since our acquisition of Good in November stretch across the portfolio to deliver a complete enterprise mobility solution, and BES12 is a big piece of it. There are a lot of great reasons to upgrade to version 12.5, but here are the three areas of improvements.


Contact ISEC7 now to upgrade to BES12.5 with one of our BlackBerry Certified engineers.



  • Generate Good Dynamics access keys withi BES12
  • Perform Good Dynamics app commands
  • Send user-certificates to Good-enabled devices


  • Take advantage of Good Secure EMM suites features within your organization to use both BES12 EMM & Good Dynamics features
  • Mix device-based and user-based licensing

 3. Management Console updates

  • View available updates for iOS devices
  • Managed security audit event logging
  • Use app categories
  • View BES12 Collaboration Service status
  • Create E-Mail templates
  • Get expanded device conditions in compliance profiles
  • Manage attestation for Samsng KNOX devices
  • Simplify management of Android for Work devices
  • Customize the console
  • Gain offboarding protection for directory-linked groups