What's new - Introducing AirWatch 8.4

Recently, VMware announced major updates to the VMware Workspace ONE platform, integrated with the new VMware AirWatch 8.4: stand-alone mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, adaptive management technology, new two-factor authentication, enhanced Windows 10 support, support for Apple education technologies and more. So what does adaptive management actually mean? How does VMware Verify two-factor authentication work? How does it all make life better for both IT and end users?

In this free, on-demand webinar presented by Kevin Strohmeyer, our senior director of product marketing for VMware End-User Computing, you’ll learn:

  • About the basics of the digital workspace and how to deliver a digital workspace that meets a variety of user needs;
  • Why you need to rebuild security perimeters around users, not the data center;
  • How Workspace ONE balances self-service convenience for users with compliance and enterprise security;
  • What the new adaptive management workflow looks like from the user perspective and how these updates are designed to bolster user adoption;
  • What you can expect by combining Workspace ONE with Windows 10 for unified endpoint management (UEM);
  • How Workspace ONE supports the newest features and services introduced by Apple for Education;
  • And more...

Watch the webinar now.