AirWatch Release 8.2 has arrived

AirWatch 8.2 takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal of unified endpoint management, where every connected device—desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and ‘thing’—can be seamlessly deployed, managed and secured within one easy-to-use administrative console. We are excited to once again deliver upon AirWatch’s commitment to empowering our customers with an innovative, elegant solution that enables productive and secure business mobility.

AirWatch 8.2 is packed with innovative new features purpose-built to support your business’ unique mobile fleet. As enterprise mobile deployments become more diverse in terms of form factors and operating systems, AirWatch 8.2 continues our commitment to unifying endpoint management.

AirWatch 8.2 introduces support for the next generation of Windows Phone—Windows 10 Mobile—bringing new operating system functionalities to smartphones. AirWatch 8.2 enables soon-to-be-released Windows 10 Mobile devices to take advantage of streamlined enrollment methods, including Out of Box Experience, adding Work accounts and bulk enrollment. This release also includes an enhanced application catalog additional device restrictions, and advanced VPN controls such as per-app VPN and client-side micro segmentation.

For Android devices, we are excited to release AirWatch Tunnel for per-app tunneling for public and internal apps on Android 5+ devices. Built using native APIs, AirWatch Tunnel provides IT with the controls and security mechanisms necessary to enable enterprise access for users on a per-app basis without any code changes to the app. The release of AirWatch Tunnel for Android continues our commitment to providing simple and secure network access for all apps across platforms.

For laptops and desktops, AirWatch 8.2 includes additional functionality for Windows 10, including enhanced Passport for Work policies for biometric authentication and configurations around Outlook and Bitlocker encryption.  This release also adds additional configurations around passcodes and custom attributes for OS X devices, building on the initial release of OS X El Capitan in late September.


New feature of AirWatch 8.2 in video