The BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Sametime® enables mobile users to chat with other IBM® Lotus® Sametime® users on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Familiar Features

The BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Sametime includes all the features of the desktop Lotus Sametime:

  • Group chat sessions of 3 or more participants
  • The ability to view which contacts are online, offline, idle or busy
  • A Buddy list that’s synchronized with the Lotus Sametime instant messaging server
  • Alert notifications when team members become available

Integration with BlackBerry Smartphones

The software is also tightly integrated with your BlackBerry smartphone:

  • Use a distinct alert profile for instant messages
  • Initiate phone calls or browser sessions directly from phone numbers or URLs embedded in instant messages

BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Sametime v2.5

New features in the BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Sametime v2.5 include:

  • Improved address book integration1
  • The ability to communicate with Emoticons2
  • Presence management from the BlackBerry smartphone home screen1
  • Voice integration with ‘Click-to-Call’ Sametime Buddy and Sametime Chat 'Convert-to-Call'1


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