Der BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Connections macht Profile, Aktivitäten, Blogs, Communities und Bookmarks auf dem BlackBerry Smartphone verfügbar. Die Applikation ermöglicht hochsichere Enterprise Social Networking Fähigkeiten für personenbezogene Collaboration.


  • Profile
    • Profile nach Schlüsselwörtern und Tags suchen
    • Bilder dem Profil zufügen
    • Personen per Telefon, E-Mail oder SMS kontaktieren
    • Look up a colleague’s reporting structure, office location and local time
    • Play a name pronunciation file
    • View a user’s About Me, Background and contributions to the enterprise social network
  • Communities
    • View Community details, members and Bookmarks
    • Access members’ Profiles
    • Email members individually or as a group
  • Lesezeichen / Bookmarks
    • Create, view, search for and open Bookmarks
    • Add Bookmarks from the BlackBerry® Browser or the client
    • Assign tags to Bookmarks to make them searchable
    • Email Bookmark links
  • Aktivitäten
    • Betrachten von Aktivitäten, Kategorien, Einträgen und Aufgaben
    • Filtern von Aufgaben
    • E-Mails in Einträge oder Aufgaben umwandeln
    • Aufgabenliste vom BlackBerry Smartphone verwalten
  • Blogs
    • Read and compose Blog entries
    • Search by keyword, tag and author
    • Email Blog author
  • Managed from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • IT can enable or disable the “Tell A Friend” feature or wirelessly push the application to users
    • Administrators can implement IT policies and set application permissions
  • BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy
    • Optimizes the data sent from IBM® Lotus® Connections to BlackBerry smartphones for improved performance
    • Tracks which BlackBerry smartphones have accessed Lotus Connections and displays the services used

Highly Secure and Manageable for IT

Organizations can leverage their existing investments in the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, plus gain additional reporting and data optimization with the BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy.

Information Protection

  • Existing permissions for Lotus Connections are recognized and shared content is only available to those who have permission
  • The advanced security features of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server employ high encryption standards to help protect intellectual property


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